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Atlas Activated Suspension Headrest for Herman Miller Remastered Aeron Chair - Ergonomically Optimized Accessory for Improved Posture (Remastered Carbon)

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Color Name:Remastered Carbon Suspension
When working on a task chair, such as the Aeron with its deep recline, and using a properly designed headrest, you have an ideal work position. Working without a headrest when reclined is not considered sustainable. Supporting the head with neck and shoulder muscles when reclined is very fatiguing, so people can be seen holding their head with both hands/fingers interlocked. In some cases, slouching down so the back of the head is resting on the chair frame can be observed. The Atlas Headrest adds an improved, reclined work position that is healthy and sustainable for fairly long periods. However, as we used to say at Herman Miller, “your next position is your best position.” We recommend changing positions frequently. People are more productive when they are comfortable. It is just common sense. In one of our first field studies at the research company, Edmunds Automotive in California, workers scored their Atlas Headrest as very comfortable and they felt they were more productive. Often the best ideas come to you when you are relaxed. Whether you are reading, talking on the phone or contemplating something new, it’s always helpful to be reclined and relaxed. The materials used on the headrest match the chair, because they are made by one of Herman Miller’s largest suppliers. No supply chain issues! Our vegan leather cushion option (UL) is extremely durable and matches the leather arm pads supplied by HMI. The UL version was developed for easy removal of permanent markers and ball point ink, which it does amazingly well. Scratch and stain resistance far exceed the leather from HMI. Additional Atlas Features: Atlas has three independent axes of movement. Vertical, Horizontal and Pivot. When coupled with a properly sized Aeron, our design conforms to 95% of the population. The user can grab the headrest, position it, and it stays put. It is a quick and easy adjustment. No fidgeting required.

Brand : Atlas Headrest
Model Number : G1CARE
Colour : Remastered Carbon Suspension
Item Weight : 1.76 Kg
Parcel Dimensions : 36.8 x 26.7 x 10.8 cm
Material : Leather

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